Paranoid File Shredder is not just a simple file shredder like many others out there. Its unique feature is that it does its job without you right before the monitor. Currently there are three events that raise the alert:

  • Local Area Network notification
  • Launch of desktop shortcut
  • Pressing a hotkey

It means that when it’s needed you can trigger shredding action remotely from any LAN computer. And all of them will shred configured files and folders and notify connected networks also.

When the alert is raised the program removes files using DoD 5220-22.M data erasing standard. Eventually it optionally reboots the computer.


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Statistics of data theft

Shocking Statistics That Prove Just How Important Security Is.

Laptop theft

Gartner, a technology research firm, has found that a laptop is stolen every

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percent of business managers share their passwords.

Personal data

The number of medical patients’ data compromised.


The average total cost to a business from a single laptop loss is US

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