Paranoid File Shredder Actions

Actions dialog allows you to configure which files and folders you want to shred.

If a file is too large it can take a lot of time to shred it. So you can specify Wipe at least value to shred exactly this number of bytes from the beginning of the file.

Notify LAN computers enabled tells the program to notify other computers with Paranoid File Shredder installed to shred their files.

When the files and folders are shredded and LAN computers are notified the program can optionally reboot the computer to prevent malicious person from accessing opened logon session if there is one.

Paranoid File Shredder Actions

Triggers dialog allows you to specify which events raises the alert. Currently three triggers are implemented but we plan to add more of them later.

Notifications from LAN computers tells the program to listen to the network notifications. Network parameters can be configured in Network settings dialog.

Launch of Desktop shortcut allows you to activate configured actions manually by clicking to the shortcut on the Desktop.

Paranoid File Shredder Actions

To create the shorcut press Create Desktop shortcut button.

Pressing a Hotkey enables action activation on simultaneous pressing of the specified key combination. The combination can contain Control, Alt, Shift and Win special keys in addition to "Main key" which is one of 0-9 and A-Z. Some hotkey combinations are taken by other applications so make sure that it's available. In order to do this disable all actions except Reboot, save configuration and press the hotkey. If the system is rebooted then the hotkey is configured correctly. Don't forget to enable all needed actions after reboot.

Paranoid File Shredder Actions

Network settings dialog allows you to configure all network related things.

UDP port is the port which is used to listen to notifications and to send broadcast notifications to over UDP protocol. You don't need to worry about Windows Firewall because the program automatically creates firewall "pass" rule.

Channel allows you to create some kind of group of computers. A computer accepts notifications from the computers with the same Channel value.

Password is a secret code that is shared between computers with the same Channel value. If the passwords don't match the notification won't be accepted.

Remember to change password every time after an alert is triggered.

If you trust certain computers in your LAN only you can enable Trust notifications from the following list of computers only and add their IPs or hostnames to the list.

There are four buttons in the bottom of the window:

  • Reset to default settings - pressing this button you will return initial configuration.
  • Save - press this button to save configuration changes.
  • Discard - this button cancels all your changes.
  • Exit button closes this configuration utility.